16 Days until summer

But still it is terribly hot, The temp. never went under 75 degrees all night. Today it is suppose to over 103 with the heat index. Good Grief!

Most of the summer this is what we get in our yard during hot spells, they make there way from the swamp to the pond, but not without the dogs worrying them to death. Little do the dogs know but this snapping turtle could take one of there legs off with one bite. They still insist on barking and barking and barking at them. Poor turtle he is just trying to cool off. He is actually very small compared to most of them. I took this with my cell phone and didn't have time to put something in it to gauge his size. His head is probably at least 6 inches around. Well, that is all the excitement I have for you today boys and girls!
Happy Thursday!


Missy's Blog said...

When we lived in Florida, we called these gopher turtles. They would dig the biggest holes to live in.

Those snapping mouths are dangerous ... hope your dogs keep away from them.

Izzy said...

Great picture! I'd love to have some of your summer heat up here!

Judi said...

I would want to get near one of those!!

GJG said...

It gets hot here in california too, but here its a "Dry" Heat---the humidity seldom goes over 20. Still its a matter of beng acclimated(sp?), that is to say if ya spend enough time in any geographic area, one adapts bodily to lving with the temp and humidity of the place, although liking it is something else. (How fast can them "Snappers" charge at a guy anyway?

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