Finally we are done!

The girls played another awesome game again last night, but not quite good enough. I managed to get a few shots of her actually playing in between my cow bell ringing. She played third base all night and made several outs. So we are done now until All Stars the end of this month.
It was a late game and we did not get home until almost 10 o'clock, so needless to say, I did not have a happy girl on my hands this morning. On top of that my boss was being a butt today, and it's 99 degrees today!
I think I need a NAP!


Jan said...

Great action shots!!! Hope you got your nap today!! Enjoy your evening.

Izzy said...

Great photos of the game!

Judi said...

No fun when the boss is a BUTT!! Doesn't he know you will blog about him.

Wendy said...

I would be so fired if they knew I had a blog, and that's what I did all day! LOL BUTT THEY DON'T LOL

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