Day One

It was so000oooo hot today, I wanted to cry, some of the girls did. The girls did not play well at all the first game (10 am), I don't think they knew what to expect and they sure didn't except the girls from Southern Chesapeake to be so good. The second game at 2 They did fantastic and were really on the ball with fielding. They lost to Windsor. The team plays again today, but we are on vacation and are going to have to miss the games (Sam had a really hard time with the Heat yesterday, actually I think all of us did. Mom, Jack, Kalo, Buck and Marissa all came out for the second game. Sorry guys about the heat, but I know Sam appreciates you making an effort to come out to support her. Hey we have games at SYAA next week!! See you all there???????? LOL

*Arrival time was around 7, Mark drove all the way, he did pretty good. For those you you who know, we took the back roads and he did not like people passing him. Not any traffic so we made it down in no time. Beds made and everything put away by 7:30 we grabbed dinner and were back home by 9:30 the kids jumped in the hot tub and I was ready for bed. What a very long day we had.


Missy's Blog said...

This is a great picture of you guys!!

I see thouse OBX stickers everywhere!! One day we will make it there.

Hope you guys have a LOTS of fun!!

Judi said...

What a great picture!!

GJG said...

old as I am, I REMEMBER how hot and sticky the summers are back your way----I like heat, but can't deal with the humidity---nothing every dries out in the summers back there--but hey be it ever so humble, no place like home right?:)

Shelley Moore said...

Awesome photo - I really love it! Great job for Mark driving! We are doing all the permit driving now with Andria, lol!

Kalo's World said...

Great job Mark. Hope you guys have a wonderful time.

A Visit With Joyce said...

good job Mark,love the pic please make sure I get one.
Where is the next game and when, see what we can do.
enjoy your vac.

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