We had alot of fun yesterday, here are a few highlights, We were a the beach club when they opened at 10 and swam until after lunch. Then off to beach braids for the annual hair wraps. Then I hate to tell you what I did next, my friend Sandy and I are always laughing about this, but she will be so so proud to know that I took a NAP!!! LOL Anyone that knows me knows I do no take naps every, I must have been tired because I fell asleep 3 times at the hair place. LOL

Then we went to Sugar Creek for dinner. YUMMO!! The wind had really picked up while we were eating. Mitch took the kids to the beach. Here are a few photos Mark took for me.

Mark and I are going to Suffolk to get his braces off today, isn't that exciting? I remember how excited i was. I told him the paparazzi( that what he calls me) will definitely be coming today!

Happy Monday!


Izzy said...

LOL! you should learn to power nap with your eyes open, that way no one will know you're actually taking a nap :)

Shelley Moore said...

LOL - paprazzi... I like it! Congrats to Mark getting his braces off - I know Bailey is looking forward to that too!

GJG said...

hey don't sweat the nap thing----you'll get the swing of it ---hell I'm 71, can do naps without giving them any thought at all----they are THAT easy to do. (and much more satisfyng than watchng TV)

Missy's Blog said...

You so deserved that nap!! It's amazing how we can get re-fueled with a little nap.

Great pictures ... the water looks so inviting!

And congratulations to Mark for getting his braces off!!

Judi said...

Make sure the Paprazzi gets lots of picrures.

A Visit With Joyce said...

congrads mark on those braces
pics are great,keep sending them this way.
love the girls hair, did you get yours done while you were having your nap???? have fun love you all

Sandy Vance said...

Not you!! A Nap!! what is this world coming too??? Glad you got one in, it can be habit forming so watch out.

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