The Last Day of School!

Well today is the day, no more teachers dirty looks.....Didn't you just love that song on the last day, you just wanted to sing it out loud. Alice Cooper sang that song Oh so long ago. I tried to get a you tube clip of Alice singing school's out with the muppets , but it was no long available.

No more pencils
No more books
No more teacher's
Dirty looks

Out for summer
Out till fall
We might not come

Back at all

Anyway I am off to spend the day with Samantha at school.
Taking the dogs to the groomers, so I thought I would post a before picture of Snoopy and and after later. They are so hot with all this hair so we will take care of that today!

Happy Thursday!


Missy's Blog said...

Enjoy your days off ...

And I didn't remember that song until you posted it!! Thanks for sharing the lyrics.

Judi said...

I am sure the dogs will be happy with the hair cute. What are the kids doing for the summer?

Bonnie and Hut said...

I love that song. Down here in Polk County, Florida all the high schools play it as the grad's all start celebrating after the ceremonies. Even though it came out near my senior year, we would have never thought to play it....Alice was evil!! LOL. I am sure your dogs will be happy with a trim. We has a dog that had long fluffy hair and he was always happy to get shaved when it was hot.

GJG said...

what I remember is my Dad learning that school was out for the summer, going around chanting, "schools out, schools out, the teachers let the fools out---"

A Visit With Joyce said...

Congrads to Mark and Sam,love the pics of the dogs and thanks for bringing them by for me to see they are so sweet, I will feed them cat food any day

RealRach said...

Schools out schools out...Teacher let the fools out. one went east, one went west, one went under the teachers dress.

That's how we sang it! LOL

Enjoy the summer!

Jan said...

YEAH!!!! Enjoy your summer!!! I'm sure the kids are excited about being out of school for break!

Judi said...

They look so skinny. I bet they are cool!!

Lexi said...

Are you sure you brought the right Dog home from the groomers? I still can't believe how much sam looks like you. Beautiful may I add.

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