Our Bible School starts this week, we have never had it at night. I am not helping this year, so I get to be home alone for 3 hours every night, which would be great except we are leaving for the Beach on Saturday so I will be getting ready for that. Maybe I can sneak some scrapbooking in, I got a bunch of new stuff and really want to play with it. Mitch is out of town 3 days! Bummer!


Judi said...

I hope the kids have a good time. Good for you for not helping this year. You need a break.

Missy's Blog said...

You'll be able to get so much done during that three hours the kids are enjoying VBS.

The beach??? I'm soooo jealous!! Are you going to Virginia Beach?

GJG said...

one can do scrappin just about anytime, but the beach is what one can only do best in the summer time----

A Visit With Joyce said...

glad you had some free time
love the pic of mark

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