You are my Sunshine!

This is a great kit( ou are my sunshine) from my very good friend Shelley Moore
She is trying her hand at digi kits, I think she did great with this one.
Especially where I am right now. So check it out it's FREE!
I hope I did OK, let me know whatcha think!


Missy's Blog said...

This is a great layout ... do you mind if I ask what program you use to create this?

Judi said...

I love it!!

Shelley Moore said...

OMG - Wendy - you totally ROCKED the kit... I really am impressed with how you use it! Thanks for playing with the kit!

RealRach said...

Looks great! Fun colors and perfect for you right now is right!! Have fun!!

Jan said...

Very cute layout! The colors are perfect!!!

Love the teeth too!! LOL!! Just stress to him to wear that retainer ALWAYS!!!!!!! or he'll end up like me, doing it again! LOL!

A Visit With Joyce said...

looks great,love it

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