Donna Downey is Coming!!!

OMG! I have never been so excited!
She is actually coming October 26th.
to 2137 Upton Drive, #328
Virginia Beach, VA
Well, I called the store to see when the classes would be posted or anything else I could find out and the owner is out of town and this poor woman that answered the phone didn't have a clue. {bless her heart}
I will keep you posted, but I am so going!!!!!!!!


Shell said...

wooo go you - make sure you get in to the class, take lots of pics, and then tell us all about it!

GJG said...

OH WOW, YOUR KIDDING, NOT THE REAL DONNA DOWNEY?? The ultimate author of the series of books on Scrappin?----well GOLLY! WOOF, WOOF, I am so jealous----I'm so excited here, may just forget my afternoon nap.(lol)(I had to google her name to find out the above)

Gary (aka old dude)

Kalo's World said...

I know you are just too excited for words!! And trust me, if you ever did come over unannounced, you wouldn't see anything that you havent seen before LOL Love and miss you too

Judi said...

I am very jealous. I asked she never comes this way.

Missy's Blog said...

She's coming to our local scrapbooking store Memories Galore too!!!

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