Mark your Calendar!!!

Newport News, VA.
03/20/09- 03/22/09
STATUS: Pre-Enter Coming Soon!

Are you joining in on the creative fun this year?


Michele said...

Oh boy! I hope that I will be able to go!!!! Gonna have to check a 2009 calendar...gotta find one right away!!!

GJG said...

thats so far into the future---and I'm of that age that I don't even buy green bananas-----besides you all live in a different time zone--and I don't know nothin about scrappin------------and I don't have anything to wear.

Gary (aka old dude)

Wendy said...

yeAH gARY you definetly have to have the right wardrobe or you are not even permitted in the scrap room.

Maybe you can make it next time. We will miss you, but you can bet we'll be talkin about ya!!

Jan said...

oh, I'd love to come up for that. I'll have to see if it's in the budget. Do you know how much it usually costs?

THANK YOU so much for the beautiful, sweet sympathy card. It's sitting on my desk. thank you!

Wendy said...

Jan, that would be great. If you click on the SDV it will link you.

Your welcome for the card, I know it has been rough on your family

Judi said...

Wait a minute. These people have to be preapproved or they might get snuffed in the first day!! LOL I am in. I can't wait.

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