Deb's New House

I travelled to Gatesville North Carolina yesterday to help my dear friend Deb move some stuff into her brand spanking new house. It's funny her house plan is almost exactly like mine LOL. It is a beautiful house and I am so excited for her and David. Keep your fingers crossed that the power gets turned on today. 8 more weeks until her daughters wedding! I will be surprised if Deb has an once of sanity left!!

Now the only problem is she is so far into the woods I need a map to find her.
I am so happy for her. XXOO Love you Deb!


Missy's Blog said...

Her new home is lovely and I just love the porch!!

What a great friend you are for traveling to NC to help her move.

Michele said...

How exciting! Beautiful!

Judi said...

I am excited for Deb!! But I am sad for you. She is going to be pretty far away. Why North Carolina???

Kalo's World said...

Congrats Deb!! How exciting.

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