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When I started blogging on 7/5/06 I never thought I would have 500 things to say! I have enjoyed sharing my life with you and getting to know even my family and friends better. I have also learned so much. Recipes, design, art everything and anything can be found on a blog!

I don't openly share with people that I have a blog, I guess for fear of what they might say. I usually wait till they bring it up and then I go on and on about how great it is and try to get then to start one. It made me curious do you tell people you have a blog?


Jan said...

Whoo! Congrats!!

I'm like you. I usually bring it up if it fits in the conversation. : )

Missy's Blog said...

Congratulations on your 500th post.

Yes, I tell people I have a blog. Since it's "somewhat" related to my little business I have it listed on my business cards. I actually shared 1/2 a dozen cards with mommies at playtime yesterday.

When we are doing fun activities with our children and I'm taking pictures I tell the mommies I have a blog and ask their permission before posting their children's picture on my blog.

I have several local moms that regularly visit my blog (they never comment though). I wish they would.

I love your little owl sign ... did you make that?

Sallie said...

Nope, because I don't.

RealRach said...

I don't...I like to let them stumble upon it! I am not important enough to feel like I need to advertise it! LOL HEEHEEheehee plus I don't have a whole lot to say that really needs a reply...I do it more for my own ramblings and entertainment!

Judi said...

It depends on how I am talking to. I tell people if it comes up in a conversation.

Izzy said...

Congrats on your 500th post!! I usually let my friends/family know about my blog :)

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

I think its a function of how much you believe in yourself, if you have a suspicion that you aren't "worthy" I doubt that you would go around openly telling friends and even strangers that you have a blog. On the otherhand if you have a stong conviction that for good, bad or indifferent, that your opinions and thoughts are as good as anybody elses, you are more prone to almost go around bragging that YOU have a blog. (I mean only the "in" people have blogs right??(lol)---(my blog is bigger than your blog---nah, nah, nan nah ya--)

Jenny said...

I've had my blog since Nov 2005 and I have been lucky as the only thing I've had to deal with is some spam comments that my husband solved by installing some program on my blog. I know theres been some negativity on some peoples blogs and it's sad. Sometimes, like tonight when the boys are both working and the husband is working I'll find myself 'blog hopping', looking for that tiny bit of inspiration, or just peeking into someone elses lifes. Your blog is beautiful from what I've seen so far, and I'll be back. SHare your blog with others, you'll be surprised that they too will be happy to take a peek at your life and thoughts!

Jenny in Maine
MY BLog: www.ThisEveryDayLife.com

Judi said...

When did you start blogging? I am hooked. Pete is even getting into it.

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