First Christmas Cards

I got my first Christmas Cards today!
My Fabulous friends Shell on the left and Izzy on the right sent me these beautiful cards
Thanks Ya'll They are Fantastic!

I also bought a new Christmas tree at Lowe's 1/2 Price! All there Christmas stuff is 50% off
Mine had a string of lights out and several of my limbs had broke so the boss (that's Mitch) HA HA said I could get a new one. As soon as I get it up I will post pictures. I have not gotten any Christmas decorations up and the person I have the most difficulty buying for (the boss) I have completely done, but other than that I haven't
bought a thing. I am way behind, I have gotten some cards done and a few homemade gifts.
The only gift I need is Jack home for Christmas!


Judi said...

I am asking for Jackie to be home for Christmas as well!! I am not sure that is going to happen though. I think he has a long recovery ahead of him.

Michele said...

LOVE the Christmas cards you got...they are beautiful!

I have been thinking about Jackie as well as all of you and keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! Be positive...miracles happen EVERY day:-)

Izzy said...

You're welcome!

Missy's Blog said...

Those Christmas cards are so pretty!!

I have about 1/2 of mine written out ... I just have to get to the post office to get some stamps now.

So glad you got a new Christmas tree! I went to Lowe's today to take advantage of that 50% off sale. I got some really cute things!

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