Is it Wednesday already!

Sorry I haven't posted, it's been a crazy week already. Monday was my first day back at work and that went really well, my foot was not swollen much by the time I got home. Then came Tuesday and I was to get my stitches out at 9:30. Dr Bland said it looked good and to just keep working it and putting as much weight as possible on it.(I am still hobbling alot) but I am trying.

Before I left for my appointment momma called to say they were going to do surgery on jack at 10:30, so as soon as I was done I headed up to SMH and we sat until 12. They had to go back into Jacks original incision, it seems as thought the colon resection had come loose (I think by the violent throwing up he had done on Monday) so they repaired that, stitched him back up and two hours later we were all Thanking God for another miracle. We have decided that Jack must be part feline and that he must have 9 lives.... I believe he is on Life 4. Thanks to all of you for the Prayers for Jack. He is ICU for a little while and then back to a regular room and hopefully home before Christmas!



Missy's Blog said...

Wendy, I"m glad your foot is feeling better and you are on the way to recovery.

I'm happy to hear that Jackie's 2nd surgery was a success as well. He and your family will be remembered in my prayers.

Jan said...

Glad you're getting good news.
Sending huggss!! I'm sure you could use a good squeeze. : )

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