Hi All,

Not much going on. Mom called last night and said Jack may be coming home today, not sure yet, but it's looking hopeful. He is only in skill care at the hospital and will continue to get that at home for a while. So keep your fingers crossed! Mom really needs a break from running back and fourth

Finished up my Christmas cards so they will go in the mail today, I have a ton of gifts to wrap. Amanda Sue called and said my other gifts are ready so except for a few things I am done shopping and ready for Christmas!

Happy Monday


Michele said...

Wonderful news about Jack! So so glad to hear that he will hopefully be home for Christmas. I know that your Mom is exhausted!

You make me sick being all ready for Christmas...LOL! I just can't seem to get it together for not feeling well or having somewhere to be! Tis the season...right!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

Real glad to hear Jack is coming home, and yes that will definitely be an improvement on your Mom having to jump back and forth. Get those presents wrapped, the best part of xmas is tearing off the wrappings to see what one has received!!

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