Hi All,

Yesterday i added to the right on my sidebar our tentative itinerary for SDV. I hope that anyone that is on the fence about going will remember
  • You only live once
  • Liven up your Dash with a Great weekend you will never forget
  • Working on project you never have time for
  • Great Shopping
  • Laughing till you pee your pants (depends are provide) Thanks Amy!
  • And the Number one reason for attending the 2009 SDV IS.........................

The opportunity to make lasting friendship with perfect strangers!!!!


Judi said...

I love it!!! Great post. The only thing I would add is if you can't come maybe you could make lunch on Saturday!!!

Shell said...

ok so the timetable looks great - but what Thursday and where is it???

Wendy said...

Click on the SDV picture and it gives you the packages. It's March 19th - march 22nd.

And if you come-OMGOSH that would make my year!!

Kelly said...

Wendy, Thanks for the comment on my blog! I've been struggling to lose weight for the last 5 years and finally reached a point where I'm sick of it. I decided to try blogging about it to get support and tips from my friends. I noticed we have some of the same blogging buddies!

Judi said...

Shell are you coming!!! It would make my year as well.

Mandy said...

I might try to meet you guys for the Saturday lunch. That would be March 21st, right? Let me know the details and I will try to plan on it.

Shari said...

I so wish I was coming....I'll be making plans to be there next year.....I saw where they have one in November....do y'all go to that one too or just the Spring?

Shelley Moore said...

Dude, if the money fairy were to drop some gree in my lap, I'd be there in a second, LOL! I'm soooooooo missing you and would love to be at SDV with you!!!

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