One Week Later....

The fun began at AC Moore, for some reason we needed these hats, they are being reused by Lisa shown here in the middle for her daughters birthday party. Here is the whole group. My favorite was Deb's Duck with the glasses!
Amanda and I getting ready to eat at the Melting Pot. We have such a good time here. Pay no attention to the beers in front of us! LOL(that's why we are smiling)
Mason came to visit us! He is so cute. A special shout out to Charlie for entertaining him while we kidnapped Mandy to the scrap room!
The dunce cap was one of the hats we bought at AC Moore. I am not sure who got to wear it first, but every time you said or did something Duncey you had to wear the hat and but your Infarction on the hat! (Infarction is mom's word) I wore it twice! I will not share my Infarctions with you, they are secret! Sandy shown here with the hat on!
OLF with the hat on!
Chris added some embellishments!
These two young ladies sat next to us (lucky them LOL)
We immediately named them Pinky and Greenie. All there scrap supplies were you guessed it Pink and Green. they were very sweet and we already made plans to sit near each other next year!

Mom and Judi
Tried to take Carol's picture at her scrap place. Next time you better smile! I hope that she had a good time, it was so nice to have all the girls together scrappin and having a good time!
Lisa's glue had EYES!!!
A family of scrappers!
We took Amanda Sue to Hooter's for dinner on the way home. (It's her favorite)
That's it folks, words cannot describe how much we enjoy these weekends, you can sure tell we are getting older. We only statyed up till 2 am on Friday and Saturday and we were draggin on Sunday. It still went by way too fast. Thanks to everyone for making another weekend of Scrappin the Best 4 days of the year!

*PS I forgot to post my projects, I will post them soon!


Michele said...

Love those hats...they are too cute! And that dunce hat...too funny! I know y'all had such a GREAT time...hope I can make it again next year! Can't wait to see your projects:-)

Mandy said...

OMG...if I do go next year, the dunce hat can not come out, because no one else will have the opportunity to wear it because it will never leave MY HEAD!!! lol I am so glad we got the chance to stop by and also very happy you got a good picture with Mason. Mine turned out all fuzzy. I think it is wonderful all you sisters had the chance to do this together with your Mom. I could tell how happy she was to be with ya'll. I can't wait to see your projects! Don't wait another week to show us! lol

Kelly said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT time! Love the hats! LOL

Mary Lou said...

Looks like everybody had so much fun! Thanks for sharing the pictures! I LOVE the hats!

Living on the Spit said...

Ya'll definitely look like you had a bloast...it is my sincere hope to be among the scrappin fun next year!

Shell said...

Love the pics!!! I want more!!!

Looks like you had a hilarious time - wish I was there! :-D

Judi said...

I will post more later this week!

A Visit With Joyce said...

We did have a great time because just being with you girls make my day and some time my nights, well maybe know what I mean.

Kristie Lippert said...

OMG, the pics were hilarious and I absolutely LOVED THE DUNCE CAP!!! INfarctions - ha ha! Looks like a great time!!!!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

your trying to cofuse this old guy aint ya---putting your comment button at the beginning of your post, instead of at the end of it---nice try-------the funny hats were all quite original, and they will come in handy for Halloween too, which is coming up fast---can't plan to far ahead for Halloween I say.

Anonymous said...

Wow...from the looks of it ya'll had alot of things going on and had a blast doing them. Thanks for sharing. I think it is great that ya'll can get a weekend away just the girls.

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