Clean up, Clean up

Where is Barney when you need him?

Mitch and I are home this week cleaning, cleaning and more cleaning, Yesterday we cleaned out the attic, and several closets, including our own. That yielded about 4 bags of trash, 10 empty boxes (why do we keep empty boxes when we buy something). And about 10 bags of clothes that I am taking to CHKD today. And some larger things that I took to my daughters day care, they are having a yard sale for The March of Dimes on Saturday. So if you are in the area of The Gingerbread House (it's across the street from Franklin High School) stop by and help a good cause.

This morning we are starting on the shed, which should take all day. Happy Tuesday!


Missy's Blog said...

Spring cleaning mode ... I need to get there.

Sounds like you guys were productive and got alot done.

We are having a multi family yard sale on June 6th and I need to get busy cleaning as well to get prepared for that.

Good luck wiht the shed today.

Michele said...

Please come finish up at my house when you're done with yours...LOL! I am having to do that to trying to get the nursery ready b/c that was my JUNK room! Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished! Tucker would gladly come sing that Barney song for you..that's what he sings when he is cleaning up his toys!

Mary Lou said...

Happy Tuesday! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I need to do the same thing...I have stuff everywhere and it needs to be disposed of.

Izzy said...

Can you guys come to my place when you're done? LOL! Happy Spring cleaning.

Judi said...

I love spring cleaning!! You need to get Miss Amanda in the mode. LOL I did alot before my party and it feels great to get it all done. Good luck with the rest of it!!

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

one keeps empty boxes, in preparation of moving----least I do .

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