More Scenes from SDV

Blogger is not my friend this week and I have really had a hard time loading pictures, here are a few blogger liked and let me load, and it only took 1 hour.
Didn't have anything to blog about this week and I know carol was tired of seeing the one I had up, so I thought I would share more photos of SDV. Ya'll don't mind do ya?
Teresa with her door prize-Lucky Lady
Amanda finished her honeymoon book while at SDV, I was so proud of her.


Michele said...

That's so cool that Theresa won a door prize! Way to go Theresa!

I saw Amanda's book back at her house Sunday night when they opened wedding gifts! She did a great job!

Judi said...

I am going to start my trip picture post today. I just haven't had time to do anything. They will be repeats but I need to get them on my blog so they will be in my book for next year.

Izzy said...

Great shots! love seeing everything from SDV.

Kalo's World said...

How could I get tired of seeing 2 of my favorite guys? And congrats to T for winning the door prize!

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