Tim Holtz

OMGosh I am in love with this Tim Holtz book. I just love his style. The hinges are grungeboard. If you don't know what that is it a flexible, inkable, paintable leather like material that is so cool, you can literally bend it and not hurt it at all. It's like flexible chipboard only better. I am very inspired by Tim, though he does way too many layering for my taste, his things always turn out gorgeous. His has tutorials on how to do all his styles. That's another thing I love, Tim does not make you pay to teach you an technique. He is teaching this class in Berkely, CA. for a mere $85.00!!! Good Grief. Where do I sign up!! LOLOLOLOLOL
PS My header picture would not load so It is a work in progress.


Judi said...

Very Cool!! I Love the new background!!

Missy's Blog said...

OMG ... love this too!

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