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Hi All,

I am getting tired of the same old post from myself, so I thought I would go off subject a little bit and talk about something funny that just happened.

The lady I work with is on vacation this week so I have been answering the phone every time it rings {it has been right quiet this week-spring break and all}

So it {{rings}} This is how i answer the phone every time it rings "Good afternoon or morning Electric Motors this is Wendy.

The man on the other end says "Do you take Dogs?" i try with all my might not to crack up. I say I am sorry sir I believe you meant to call La Quinta. (There 800 number is one digit off from ours)
He says: Well what number did I call. So I tell him, and the man seems confused. He says OK Thank You. HELLO---I said Electric Motors not LA Quinta!

This happens all the time, I guess they don't listen when I answer because they will say all kinds of crazy mess. They want to make reservations, or they want to find out if i have something they have left in there room.

Just thought I'd share, anyone else get crazy calls?


Judi said...

Doesn't Mom get people calling asking for Hardy's??

Missy's Blog said...

LOL ... that's too funny. Sounds like you have some interesting conversations.

Kelly said...

That is sooo funny! I get crazy calls on my cell phone all the time! I had someone argue me down that my number belonged to a church. I was very polite and called out my entire number (with area code) and they insisted my number was listed in the phone book! I was so worried I was going to get a lot of calls needing guidance and I knew I was not the one they needed to be calling! LOL

Gary ("Old Dude") said...

hmm, sounds like the manner in which you answer the phone does not up front explain the enterprise you work for, which would allow the caller to recognize right off he has a wrong number. ---of course there is no explaining the "Kooks", who will blame YOU for their mis-dialing!!

Mary Lou said...

Sounds familiar! Right now, I'm getting a voicemail message at work every Monday morning from someone who must be in jail and they're trying to contact someone on the outside. It's the same message every Monday, yet I can't call them back and tell them they're dialing the wrong number. Too bad!

Michele said...

We used to get the movie theatre all the time when they were open in Franklin!

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