What would you DO?

I was blog hopping and found this interesting question:

If you had a free day with NO restrictions, what would you choose to do?

This should be interesting....Can't wait to hear what you have to say. I'll be back to tell you mine on Monday!
Happy Friday!!!
So here is my answer to the above question:
It's very detailed so pay attention.
First I would pick a beach, any beach because the weather and water would be perfect temp
so no worries there.
Then I would give all my friends and family the day off, because it wouldn't be perfect if you had to work.
We would have all the food and drink we could possible want prepared, because I aint cookin on my perfect day! and served when ever you felt like eating.
Massages and spas treatments throughout the day!
Bonfire on the beach after dark!
Oh and of course there would be no mosquitos or bugs of any kind
We could all just sit around and relax and eat and enjoy each others company, and talk about all the things we don't ever seem to have time to talk about.
There would be no fighting or disagreements, just Food Friends, Laughter and Fun!
Then everyone would be driven home, safe and sound!
Happy Monday!


Mary Lou said...

The way I've been going and doing so much here lately, I'd probably sleep through the entire day!

Judi said...

Scrap or sew!! I have no time these days to do anything.

Donielle said...

I think I would either watch movies all day or lounge at the pool all day with a good book. Something that doesn't require too much energy...lol!

Mandy said...

Everyone else's answers sound good to me...I would sleep till about 12, get up and go swimming/layout with a book/magazine, then about 4, I would scrap till bedtime...

Thanks...now I am depressed...lol...let me get back to work!

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