Today I am thankful for my husbands sense of humor.  We were watching TV the other night and Billy Maze (Bless his heart) was advertising this magnetic arm band and when they showed the ways to use it, crafting was one of them.  So we were joking that I needed one of those for my scrap room, I would never misplace my scissors or a stray brad again!
Well he ordered me one and it came yesterday, I laughed so hard at him.  I plan on giving it a try and may start a new trend in the scrap world.  I wonder if i could get it in a prettier color???
Happy Tuesday!


Sallie said...

That is TOO funny! I'm laughing my tail off!

Mary Lou said...

LOL!!! Please take a picture to share on your blog whenever you try it out! I can't imagine wearing a magneting band around my arm with all this stuff stuck to it! LOL Smooth move Mitch!

Mandy said...

lol...that is funny! I remember watching the show on TLC when that was introduced. That is a great idea and can't wait to see your new accessory put to work!

Izzy said...

How fun! enjoy the new arm band ;)

Lydia said...

LOL that is so cool, by the way I LOVE YOUR blog header, so fabulous.

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