A Few More

He absolutely hates getting his picture taken, can you tell??
Posing in the snow

The dogs kept walking out on the pond, Sam was having a fit, luckily when they heard it start cracking they would back up.  Didn't really want to do the polar plunge!  LOL


Missy's Blog said...

Love all of the snow pictures. Is this the first snow you all have gotten this year? A new snowfall is one of the most beautiful things to me.

Judi said...

Great pictures. Beautiful one of Sam.

Michele said...

Such great pics! We had a blast in the snow too but now I'm ready for it to go away and for Spring to hurry!

Mary Lou said...

Love the pictures and that is a really good picture of Sam. Your son does look absolutely thrilled to have his picture taken. Reminds me of my Mitch! LOL How'd you make the snow fall in the pictures?? That's really cool!

jenjen said...

What adorable kids you have! I loved seeing your pictures!


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