Happy Friday!

I am trying to get
and get ready for  

Hope to get up with my other partners in crime this weekend and get it all posted so everyone knows what the deal is.  So far I have about 20 people who says they are coming so I will post that list and if I forgot to add anyone you can let me know.  Until next time - Get to Scrappin!


Michele said...

Sounds great! I think my Mom and her friend are coming...now sure if she emailed you yet. And I'll be there some of the time:-) I'm getting my pics in line for you:-) Hope you are still willing:-)

Mary Lou said...

I love the pic where you're gettin your ducks in a row! LOL!!! When you get yours lined up, can you work on mine? My feet keep draggin and I can't seem to get movin! Your SDV sounds like it's really comin together. Have fun!!

Judi said...

I can't wait!!

Kalo's World said...

I think Brittani is coming.

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