Prayers Please

     Well, since my last post everything has changed.  That's how life is I guess, fine one minute and turmoil the next. 
     Sometime Thursday night my stepfather Jack had a stroke, it did not become evident until Friday.  Long story short he has had a stroke and is in the hospital.  He has started therapy as he has lost mobility of his right side.  Not to mention getting the correct medication to get rid of the occlusion of his right vertebral artery.  In other words he has complete blockage of the right artery in his neck.  After his meds are regulated and the blood thinner has done it's job he will be going to a rehab facility for a couple of weeks.

     Please be in prayer for Jackie and my mom.  It is going to be a long rough road for them both.


Michele said...

Oh Wendy...I am so sorry to hear this! Prayers sent their way! Please keep us posted!

Mandy said...

I read this on Carol's FB, but she never replied to anyone about the severity. I hope he can regain function soon! You are all in our prayers!

Izzy said...

So sorry to hear this. Love, Hugs and Prayers to you all.

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