Jack Update

Well, we are in day 6.  They moved him to Maryview rehab center yesterday and we got him all settled there for what he is claiming 2 weeks!!  So that is his goal to be home by September 7th! 

He is progressing and was able to lift his arm with lots of work up to his stomach. He will have therapy 2 times a day 1.5 hours each time.  His determination is strong, so that is a plus.  Please keep him in your prayers.  Mom is holding up and is doing good.  Her 71st  Birthday was yesterday and boy I hope I look that good and am that strong in 25 years!!
Thanks you all for your prayers!


Michele said...

So glad to hear positive news! Hope he will continue to progress! Wish your Mom a happy belated bday for me...had NO idea she was 71! Definately doesn't look it at all!

Shell said...

oh Wendy I am just catching up from being away.. so sorry to hear this news.. but glad to read he is on the improve.. much love and hugs going you and your familys way

and a big happy birthday to your Mum!

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