Jack Update 09/02/2010

As you may have noticed I had to remove the Jack will be home ticker.  They want to keep him an extra week so he can receive as much therapy as possible.  So the new date is Sept. 14th.  He has improved so much, just since he has been there.  He is not happy about it, but the reality is  that the longer he stays the stronger he will get.

I went to visit with him last night and found him to be in good spirits, I have never seen one person with so many friends.  He gets lots of company so that makes the day go by much faster.  We will never be able to Thank all of his friends for the visits and uplifting they provide.  I guess you reap what you sew.  We should all be so lucky to have so many people that care about us.

He is progressing really well, he is able to lift his leg and his hand and wiggle most of his fingers.  Also his speech is really improving.   My prayers are that he will get better and better and be back home soon. 

Mom is holding up, but just exhausted everyday by the time she makes it home.  Carol and I do what we can, it is our job to make sure mom is taking care of herself.  She is a such a rock. 
Please keep praying that Jack will get better and better, we don't know what the days ahead hold for him, but our thoughts are positive....

Happy Thursday!


Judi said...

He told me only 9 more days. 3 days before the pig picking!

Michele said...

Yayyy...so glad to hear some positive news! Keep hanging tough..all of you:-)

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