Fall Ball

So for the past 7 weekends we have been at the ball field.  Either Smithfield, Windsor or Holland.  Next weekend is our last game.   Last night we played the Windsor Pink Ponies another undefeated team.  Samantha even got to pitch an inning.  I get butterflies when she pitches, she did a great job.  Struck out two batters and pitched a no run inning.  YEAH SAM!  So if we win they get a trophy with a one on it!  That is an inside joke.  We cal it a lesism (the coach) Coach Les and Coach Murphy have done a Fantastic job working on skills with the girls and it shows......  I love watching the girls play hanging out with other ball moms.  We have a Great time cheering on the girls and fussing at the Umps.  lol

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Michele said...

Oh I so hope my Paisley has the LOVE for softball that I did and still do! So much fun!

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