Finally a New Post

This is kinda a catch-up post.  I have been so so busy with all kinds of crazy stuff.  Sports, family and home I know I know, just like everyone else.  I am just glad the weather has been so fantastic.

Practicing at sluggers
Mitch practicing his swing, I think he needs a larger helmet!


We had our first game last night

  •  Samantha is playing fall ball and her Holland team is undefeated right now, with 3 more games to go!
  • She is also cheering for the Southampton Indians.
  • Mark is busy with his senior year and working at Subway, we had his senior pictures taken at 

Photography by Laura, inc.


I am very excited about getting the proofs back, Laura did such a great job as always.   

  • Jackie is getting better and stronger every day and we are hopefully his recovery will continue to improve.

  • Mom is just about worn out and I worry about her terrible.  I feel helpless because there is really nothing I can do to improve her situation with Jack.  She gets a little time to herself now and then, I hope it is enough.

  • We are all getting ready for the holidays they will be here before we know it. 

Also milestone birthdays are coming up Mark will be 18 in November, it's enough to make a mom feel old!

Well that is all for now, hope to update again soon. 


PS... I almost forgot our pond overflowed for the first time in 9 yrs last week when we had those terrible rainy days.  All is well now and the fish are much happier.

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Mandy said...

Hey...good to hear from you! I have been super busy too, but I hope to blog in a little bit. Sam's hair is getting so long! She is so cute...ahem...I mean Pretty :-) I hope things with your Mom and Jackie get better. I know you are worried about both of them terribly.

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