A New Year

Just a layout to acompany my post
     So here we are again starting a new year and I find myself lost with no direction.  I have been contemplating letting this blog go dormant for a while and just posting on my Project Create Blog.  I have been thinking about it alot and I have really gotten away from doing my first love Scrapbooking.  My pictures are piling up and no pages are being produced.  Frankly I have enough supplies to produce pages and pages.  So with that thought I need to make a decision.

     Judi and I started a project last year and well I fell short and never finished. I am ashamed of myself.  I may start up that project and finish before moving on to the next thing, which of course I have no idea what that will be!  LOL  I have thought of doing a Christmas Album of just Christmas pictures, but 25 years is a lot so that may be an ongoing project. 

     So you see how indecisive I am?  If you can offer any opinions that might help me I would so grateful.
Although I am not sure anyone even reads this blog so If you are out there, please just a small comment may help. 

Thanks & Happy Tuesday!


Sallie said...

I love the snowman blog design - it may have been like that for a while? I usually read it in google reader and don't actually open the blog itself.

I enjoyed the project that you guys were working on. I'm a fan of finishing what you've started (but I'm not very good at it!) I've been wanting to get some Christmas pictures together to at least bring out every year and put up, not necessarily an album. That's a neat idea too. I say go with what you think you'd enjoy more - that way you are more apt to follow through.

Happy new year to you!

Michele said...

Hey lady! Happy New Year! I do read your blog still (both of them), just don't always have time to comment when I read and of course with Miss Priss I am sidetracked easily and never get back to comment. I am hoping to blog a lil more myself but there just aren't enuf hours in the day for me to get done all that I'd like to accomplish! I say finish the project you and Judi started and get that Judi to blogging again! Everyone seems to have fallen short and it's sad b/c we all use to look so forward to blogging daily/weekly!

Shell said...

OK first, love your blog design - coolio - although I can't wait for summer!! LOL

Now you... I know how you feel. Sometimes I think I will kick the bucket and my kids are going to say - hey didn't Mum sell this stuff - where are our scrapbooks ROFL.. cos I have photos for days... I have not scrapped in YONKS - too busy being a scrappy businesswoman!!

Anyway I digress.

Do your Christmas album. Get an album just for Christmas layouts (you will probably need more than one, but start with one). Buy a new one - I recommend the American Crafts D rings and they come with a red edge - PERFICK!! (or you could do green!). Then you can cover the chipboard with Christmas paper or you could stamp it. Or you can also buy the total colour ones which are leather (3 ring not D ring then). Search online - I found them from $12 up

Then every month on the 25th do a Christmas layout or 2 or 3. Does not matter if it is not from the same year - just make this your Christmas album(s) over the years.

By the end of the year you will have a made a pretty good dent into it.

And I think it will inspire you to do other layouts.

NOW GO!!! the 25th is coming up :-D

As an extra incentive - if you get the album and say you are going to do this (and I want to see a pic of the album on your blog) - then a certain kiwi might send you some lovely Christmas paper as a RAK to further inspire you and get you started ;-)

Izzy said...

don't let this go dormant! i love reading your blog(s)

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