Friday Confessional

Every Friday the Blog shown (click on picture to visit) below posts a Friday confessional, so I thought I would give it a try.  It's a way to update you a little and gets some things off my chest. 
Happy Friday!

I am new at this so cute me some slack.....

  • I must confess and I love Fridays!
  • I am super excited that Franklin now has a scrapbook store-But I'm bummed because I have no scrap funds to buy anything.
  • June is getting closer and closer and I am not ready for my little boy to grow up
  • I haven't done a scrapbook layout since March!
  • I confess that all of the above is uninteresting to anyone but myself, maybe I'll do better next time!
Do you have anything to confess?  Feel free to share!


Sallie said...

Not a chance! hahaha.

Okay, I'll confess I do want to check out that shop!

And I haven't done a layout since sometime in 2009... or was it 2008?

Shell said...

Not uninteresting and it was fun to read!!

Shelley Moore said...

Love the confession - I totally get it and was interested, LOL!

I confess that I have only done 2-3 layouts since I've moved to TN. And I confess that I I have eaten cookies and candy this week, and I confess that I am BEYOND glad it's Friday!

Izzy said...

Love this confession post! I confess, I have been so busy scrapping gifts for people that I haven't touch anything of my own since September!

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