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This is from my friend Missy's blog

I live in a tiny little town right outside the town of Mineral, VA.

On August 23rd a 5.8 earthquake rocked our area and caused severe damage.

The local Louisa County High School has been condemned. The high school is currently sharing the middle school. The high schoolers have classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The middle schoolers are going Tuesday, Thursday and every other Saturday (yes Saturday!). They have also condemned one of the elementary schools and those children are being sent to another elementary school.

Many folks aren't even aware of this as the media chose to concentrate on the surrounding areas (such as Washington, DC and New York). Mineral, VA was the epicenter of this earthquake and they need YOUR help!!

In an effort to raise awareness and to possibly help with donations to the disaster relief fund ... please, please, PLEASE help bring country singer Alan Jackson to Mineral, VA!!

If you will ... please take just a moment to do this.

Here's the link:  Please bring Alan Jackson to Mineral Zip Code: 23117
(click on the words above, not the picture)

Thanks for all your help!


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Wndy ... thank you VERY much for posting this to your blog. The folks of Minderal really need this! I hope they win.

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