Thursday News

Lots to do, little time.

Computer fixing did not go so well last night, it still has issues, DH will work on it Saturday.

Samantha went to the dentist yesterday, no cavities, but needs to visit the orthodontist.
She is doing fantastic with sleeping in her own room, so we are on too the next issue.
Thumb sucking. Any suggestions?

Total for Saturday is 14, so I am off to Walmart for food supplies tonight.
Need to get all my stuff ready to go
Need to make sure all my paper work is ready
Get price tags ready for order coming from TLC
Print out crop talley sheets

Plus Laundry, dishes, dinner, homework, baths, etc....Finish in time to CSI

Tonight and tomorrow will be busy busy nights


Jolene George said...

I hope you get all the bugs worked out of your computer.
I wish I had suggestions for thumb sucking. None of my boys were thumb suckers. Good luck!

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... you HAVE been busy. I hope you have a very successful event this weekend.

Jan said...

Have a great weekend!!!!
Good luck with the event and the 'puter.

Rach said...

WAHOO on the no cavities...you knew your hygienist friend would be proud! As for the thumb sucking there are several options out there that the your orthodontist will help you with. There is an appliance, gels, and other things that will cause bad results when she does it. So it depends on how extreme you want to get. Just ask them! They will have some suggestions!

Good Luck on the event! Sounds like a great time!

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