2011-Day 13

So like everyone else, I wanted to make some changes this year.  And so like everyone else I have begun to fail.  Here is my short list.
  • Stay off of FB every  morning and use the Wii  instead.
  • Redesign my Scrap space to be more efficient.
  • Start scrapbooking layouts again.
I had decided last night to not wait until Monday to start, so I stayed up late (10) for me getting my Fronterville passion out of my system.  I do not know why I play that game it really is habitual.  Anyway so because I stayed up too late, I actually overslept this morning until 6:08.  You have to understand that I usually rise between 4:30 & 5 so that would have given me plenty of time to use the Wii and shower and do all my other morning stuff.  Maybe tomorrow I will try again.  I am banning myself from Fronterville for a while.

I am putting off the scraproom redesign until I can find something I am happy with.   It is just such a small space there is not alot of room for change. 

Lastly my friend Shell has given me a great idea for my scrapbooking.  See this post she suggested that I start doing at least one Christmas layout on the 25th of every month.  So I am all over that idea.   She also did a great visual board to inspire her.  See that here.  I have a very large frame that I redid a long time ago, so I my use that as my inspiration board.  It was way back on 2007.  See that HERE.
That is all my crap for today.  Hope everyone is having a Great week and if you are lucky enough to have Friday and Monday off be creative and come back and share your creations with me.

Happy Thursday!

Thinking of doing Friday Cconfessional again tomorrow, anyone up for it?


Shell said...

you can do eet leetle Neeky .. name that movie ;-)

Izzy said...

I know exactly where you're coming from! I love the new look on your blog too :)

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