My 5 YEAR Blogoversary!

Yesterday was my Blogoversary! 5 Years and 892 post later. 
It has come and gone and I forgot to post about it. 
That is pretty poor planning on my part.  I have no giveaway, or interesting picture, just words and links to some of my favorite posts over the last 5 years
 I cannot believe I have been blogging for 5 years! 
Thank you to everyone who takes time out of there busy day to read my blog, but most of all to those you you who take the time to leave me a comment. 

Click on the links to take you to some of my favorite posts!  Click on the links to see the past posts.
I even started a creative blog in 2009  Visit me there to check out all my creative projects


Izzy said...

congrats on your 5 yr anniversary!! I'm not far behind ;)

Sallie said...


Michele said...

Wow...5 years! That's AWESOME!

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