The last year of your Teens

My Baby Boy is 19 years old today....... I can't believe it....Time is going by way too fast......
This is my dedicated song to Mark...My Wish by Rascal Flatts....

This song says everything I could every tell Mark, I am so proud of him and could not ask for a better son. 

Mark ~ Granddaddy Jack and Grandma Joyce

Mark and his Grandma Rose

My mom took this great picture of us!
I Love you Sweet Boy!


Visit my Craft Blog

I have not been posting to this Blog much.  You can find what I have been up to Crafty wise at this Blog.


Alan Jackson

This is from my friend Missy's blog

I live in a tiny little town right outside the town of Mineral, VA.

On August 23rd a 5.8 earthquake rocked our area and caused severe damage.

The local Louisa County High School has been condemned. The high school is currently sharing the middle school. The high schoolers have classes on Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The middle schoolers are going Tuesday, Thursday and every other Saturday (yes Saturday!). They have also condemned one of the elementary schools and those children are being sent to another elementary school.

Many folks aren't even aware of this as the media chose to concentrate on the surrounding areas (such as Washington, DC and New York). Mineral, VA was the epicenter of this earthquake and they need YOUR help!!

In an effort to raise awareness and to possibly help with donations to the disaster relief fund ... please, please, PLEASE help bring country singer Alan Jackson to Mineral, VA!!

If you will ... please take just a moment to do this.

Here's the link:  Please bring Alan Jackson to Mineral Zip Code: 23117
(click on the words above, not the picture)

Thanks for all your help!


Comments Pay Off

I was hanging out at Thrifity and Fabuless and decided to leave a comment, it does pay off sometimes.
I have won several prizes by just leaving a small comment, this was the most exciting ( Here ) I love this necklace and wear it all the time.

Today this beauty from Fabric Paper Glue Etsy Shop came in the mail. I took a picture of it on my bed, but it didn't save.  Trust me it looks great!   I Love it ! Thanks Mandy!

Special Thanks to Erika at Thrifty & Fabuless
and before I could post this, I won this...
So leave a comment you never know when you might get lucky!

Happy Friday!

This and That

I have to admit I have been hanging out on a lot of coupon sites these days.  Tyring to save money anywhere and everywhere.  Like everyone else I have become aware how expensive life is in general, it may be due to the fact that my son is starting college this month and even though he is attending the community college locally boy is it expensive.   So I have been doing mini couponing.  I will share that with you another time.

This is my favorite site
 Anyway, my creative side has been resting lately and I am not sure that is a good thing.  So I have issued a challenge for myself that I will not share right now, but I have put myself on the right track I hope.  I don't forget about checking my crafty blogs and this on in particular netted me a prize!
You know how I love prizes.  Thrifty & Fabuless is a great blog not only because I won something, but she has many great ideas I can relate to.  So check out Erika's blog and leave her a nice comment.  Until next time!
Happy Wednesday!


Happy Monday!

Having a Great time ~ What a pair
It has been a while since I posted.  I have however posted on my other blog Project-Create so check me out there for a little crafty goodness.  Hope to start doing more crafty stuff soon.  It's kinda strange I am the kind of person that needs a goal as far as crafts go.  Just to sit and make random crafts doesn't seem very productive and I have a really hard time. 
 Not much going on at home.  The summer is winding down fast, so we have been trying to squeeze in our adventures.  We went to Busch Gardens on Friday.  I must say that place is exhausting.  So much walking to get from one place to another.  But it was a perfect weather day and we had a Great time. 
Stomping Grapes

 They do  Fireworks every night, Samantha's comment was that must be expensive! lol they were great and we were back home by 11:30.  Then Saturday we spent the day with some old friends catching up and reminiscing.  Great food and great friends!
On to Monday and the start of another long week.  Have a Great Week!  


Gold Does Good

I am hosting a Gold Does Good Party on Friday.  If you have never heard of this type of party before, click on the link and check it out.  I made $289.00 in 15 minutes at my sisters party.  No selling or buying, just turn in your old gold and silver and leave with a Master Card. 
My gold girl tells me that Gold is up today.   I am excited and if you are reading this and live nearby, please feel free to come by and please bring a friend as I received 10% off all the $$.  And I get $50.00 for every party that is booked.  Sound like a Win Win situation to me!  You can also send your stuff to me and I will turn it in for you and get your $$ to you.


Happy 26th Anniversary to US!

This Fabulous man and I are Celebrating our
26th wedding Anniversary today!
Thank you Sweetheart for putting up with me for so long!

L0ve y0u ~ L0ve y0u ~ L0ve y0u


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