Fantastic Friday!

I had such a great day yesterday. It was a day of gifts!
We had an appreciation lunch at work, afterward I receieved my 20 year pin (they are a little behind, I will celebrate 22 years in october) Anyway, very nice, then they handed out 100 dollar bills to everyone (30 people) WOO HOO!!!!

Then I get home to find my friend Shell has RAK'd me with a beautiful 2008 calendar from New Zealand. Thank you so much, you are such a sweetie!

God has looked out for me this week to keep me from loosing it completely
I am Blessed!
*will post picture later, blogger not behaving, won't let me save corrections or anything sorry for the errors


Izzy said...

What a wonderful way to end what was a very hectic week for you :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Judi said...

Cool Cool! Part of SDV Paid for!!!

Rach said...

Gotta love RAK's, bonus', and recognitions.

Jan said...

So glad to hear you had a great day!!!! Hope the weekend is even better!

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