Saturday Happenings!

Look at that face!
This was one of the dogs at the Moonlight Madness adoption at the Suffolk Animal Shelter. My sister was there till 6. She sai while she was there 7 dogs were adopted. It was such a nice clean facility, but BOY was it LOUD. This little guy almost made me cry, if I didn't have 3 at home already I would have taken him with me. Wish I had gotten a picture of Carol with her jammies on. She was real busy helping people pick out the perfect pet.

Got my house all clean and laundry all done and was so excited about starting my acrylic album, but I was just too tired. I did get all the pictures printed out for it and I did get some things ready to mail out, those are the things scrapbooking wise I have been working on so I can't show them because they are gifts.

Speaking of gifts, I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from my husband on Valentines and then we went to a Valentines dinner at church. Got the cutest valentine from Jackie and a special person knew that I was having a bad week last week and right on time a heart shape filled with jelly beans arrive at my door to brighten my day. Thank YOU!! Wanted to share my valentines card from jack because it's pooh and i love it. The inside says..........Just for You because your such a Hunny! He know me well! LOL

Today is Sunday filled with Church, Cheer parent meeting and Awana. Happy Sunday!!


Kalo said...

That was the little darlin I was talking about. What a sweetie she was! And thank you so much for coming out, it was awesome of you guys to come visit. Love you!!

Judi said...

What a great thing Carol is doing. I am inspired to maybe volunteer. Like I don't have enough to do.
See you soon!!

Judi said...

I forgot what a great card. I got one too. Mine was the one that was posted on my Blog that said to a wonderful Daughter.

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